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The garbage truck trundled around the corner.  The tell tale piles were perched outside every door on the curb. The trays of recyclables, bags of garden refuse and kitchen waste have all been sorted. It is 6.30am and bleary- eyed bundled figures have deposited their piles. None of us even give each other a sideward glance. The whole process is just too painful! We just want to rush back indoors to the warmth and the smell of coffee. Josh watches me from a window perched up on a chair. He is eager to get out there for his morning stroll and is undeterred by the freezing weather!

Garbage Day!

And so another day begins with the mundane and the chores that need to be done. I conquered a pile of laundry yesterday and felt the sweet taste of success as I packed away the 20 freshly ironed shirts. Oh how simple life’s pleasures sometimes are! Today the cupboards need to be filled. Vegetarian pasta just does not make the grade in this household of men! It is all about ‘carbo loading’ and plenty of muscle building protein. A big juicy steak and piles of chips makes their eyes twinkle! I try to keep this in mind as I am drawn to the whole wheat breads and what they term as ‘rabbit foods.’

Administration is another facet of this ‘stay at home’ wife. Today it is to be another ‘form filling in’ day. Two of our visas need to be renewed. We have to travel down to the US and re-enter Canada in order to do this. I will be wading through paperwork and trying to make sense of it all. Special travel documents need to be completed too. I search the websites and make sure so that we comply with the US requirements.  All I need is for us to be stranded on the other side!

But please don’t think that life in the suburbs is all about drudgery and mundane. There are the highlights too……walking out in the woods and wading through the streams, meeting a friend for a chat and a coffee in a cosy restaurant and watching all the Christmas preparations down town. The shops have put out all their decorative pots all glistening in white and silver to beckon us in. The bare winter trees have been given new life with the twinkling lights that run along their bark. The starkness of winter has a bright side too!

 Christmas time just seems to bring out the joie de vivre in people. We experienced a taste of this last weekend when we attended a Ball in the city. The evening started with a ride in a shiny white limousine. I felt like a princess….albeit an old one! Our hosts were warm and welcoming and we chatted over our sundowners as we chased along the highway into town. It was a glorious evening with good music, elegant food and interesting conversation.

I am constantly reminded of the pleasure with a bit of the pain…….

A night on the town……



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(A rendition of this song was performed by the Bolshoi Theatre.)

Her hands flew up in the air. I saw the woven plait intricately styled into the nape of her neck with a sparkling clip. It caught the light from the overhead chandelier as she moved her head. We waited and held our breath……The music surged and the conductor pulsed the rhythm with her narrow baton. She was young but took command of her experienced orchestra and extracted the most heavenly sounds. We were enraptured!

The flags flapped above The King Eddy Hotel, as it is affectionately called. This grand dame … or should I say duke…. has been around since 1903.  We raced up the stairs to get out of the cold. It was a freezing November evening.  I had deliberated over my ‘little black number.’ Was I going to be stylish or warm? What a question? I froze! We pushed through the heavy glass doorway and I looked up. There it was…..the foyer….all gold, marble and fresh flowers. I stopped and looked up into the pressed ceilings and gothic columns. I had to pinch myself as I had begun to float off into another era. But too soon I was ushered up the wide staircase to the function room. This was where 70 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Russia was to be celebrated. It was to be a wonderful evening of Bolshoi theatre. Definitely on the Bucket List and a dream come true!

The magnificent setting for the performance by the Bolshoi Theatre


I must add that the fascination for Russia started when I was young with the tale of Doctor Shivago. I was enthralled. It was the culmination of the music, the snow, the furs, and the romance of course. What an evening of music it was to be! We were entertained by some of Russia’s great stars like Angelina Vovk, Irina Dolzhenko and Mikhail Kazakav to name but a few. Their voices were rich and round and the resonance filled the room. It was breath taking! The music was so sweet at times  that I could almost feel the emotion well up. I allowed myself the moisture that ran down my face. It is not often that we cry out of pure joy! The Bolshoi dancers turned heads too with their poise and grace. The taffeta and lace rustled as they swished their fans. They teased their companions with their allure. We were swept up by the moment…..

The rustle of taffeta…..


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