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As it turns out, I have recently proven to be quite a sleuth! My investigative talents were however not drawn upon to wade through the mounds of files to find original documentation.  I do this task with the automation of a robot and because I have to! I have become a master at sliding my brain into ‘oblivion mode’ when I have to complete repetitive tasks that don’t grab me!  (Ironing and housework to name just a few are tucked in between the paper chase.) But to get back to the paper work…….You need to take into account that these files were packed in South Africa, traveled  over twelve thousand kilometers by sea in a container and were then unpacked here in Canada. I peered into the boxes and tried to make some sort of order out of all ‘this past life.’ It was crucial as certain bits of information were required from these files in order to obtain permanent residency here in Canada.


We were quite excited when all the bits and pieces were found and our application was submitted. That was the easy bit! For ages one hears nothing from the authorities. You just wait. Then one day we are told to go for full medicals, yet again. I have had every orifice examined numerously all in the name of permanent residency. I am happy to announce that I am definitely in fine fickle!  Then the other day, the big one was dropped on us……. The Canadian authorities needed a police clearance certificate from Zimbabwe. Oh my hat! This was going to take some doing! We had one from 1981 but this was no good. It had to be current!


So this was when the ‘sleuth mode’ kicked in. Web sites had to be trawled and the appropriate forms found. We got this all assembled, sent a payment through our bank and couriered off the documentation to Harare. This was straight forward….. Weeks went by and we heard nothing. How would we retrieve this vital document from Zimbabwe? We racked our brains to recall any contacts that we might have had in Harare. But to no avail, most of our family and friends had already left and were scattered all over the world.

I resorted to Google. I typed in my request……. Assistance needed in the retrieval of a Zimbabwe police certificate. Lawyers’ names in Harare popped up on my computer screen in response to my search. I was in luck! I contacted a few of them and explained my dilemma. Within a few hours I had a response! The knight in shiny armour efficiently retrieved the precious document and sent it on its way back to Canada. (Thank you, Ken!)


It is now safe in the hands of the Canadian authorities in Ottawa. It is probably in a file somewhere on someone’s desk. If only they knew what talent and effort had gone into putting that file together. I do hope that nothing further is required to finalise the process.  I would also like to put my sleuth talent on hold for a while, that is……

Happy Canada Day!

Never let go......

Never let go……

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My eyes open and I am conscious of the early morning light. It appears stronger than the last few days which can only mean one thing……the sun is shining!  The spring rains have endured this year and our gardens look like a tropical paradise.  Variegated weigelia, peonies, roses and hydrangeas all display their finery in soft hues of pink. The rain has fed its thirsty subjects and in return the muted mauves and greens soothe and delight.  I peer out the window and check on the swelling river at the bottom of the garden. I notice that my umbrella on the deck is still up and that it has dried out over night.


We make our way onto the ‘airport road.’ This road conjures up so many mixed feelings as it is always about ‘someone leaving’ or ‘someone arriving.’ Fortunately today it is all about …….. ARRIVING. I do so enjoy watching people at airports. Particularly the looks on peoples’ faces as they embrace loved ones in the arrivals hall. I settle back against the pillar and begin to survey the waiting crowd……. grandmothers, wives, parents and business colleagues all stand and wait. I scan the faces as they appear through the sliding doors………no, not this time. The door glides closed again. Again and again it opens and shuts and more happy faces beam across the room at their expectant relatives. There are many happy reunions with peels of laughter. It seems like ages…..surely they should be through by now. The glass door edges open and the familiar pair are silhouetted against the backdrop of the long passage.  The tall one and the short one walk hand in hand. I squint to make sure……yes, it is them! I whoop with joy!  As I run towards them I manage to do a few steps of my ‘happy dance.’ Reservations fly out the window and I just allow myself the few happy tears.

My children are all home.  


So for the next week I am going to wallow in the fact that I have my whole brood under the same roof. Things will revert back to normal! ‘The brothers’ will tease and pick on each other. We will most probably disagree on where to go and what to eat. The loud music will reverberate through our wooden house and television sounds will compete from opposite ends. It will just be wonderful ……

I am definitely feeling good!

The family

The family

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