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My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue:

An ever-lasting vision of the ever-changing view.

She sat by the window in the sun. The cloth draped across her knee and the sheen of the thread glimmered in the fading light. She held the linen up once more and examined the stitch she had just worked into the pattern. The thread was running out and she picked up her tiny silver embroidery scissors with the duck- head handles. The creamy rich thread was measured and cut and the scissors slipped back into the embroidered pouch. Safely stored for the next time she would need to snip the cotton. She held the thread up to the light as she carefully pushed it through the tiny hole of the needle. Gently the needle and thread went back into the fine pattern that was beginning to take shape. She pulled off the thimble and placed the square across her lap. Her hand stroked across the pattern as she checked for imperfections.

A smile broke across her face as she held it up towards me.

“What do you think?”

Hand embroidered designs adorned our gifts.

Hand embroidered designs adorned our gifts.

Time seemed to stand still when mom did her handwork. She would sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and her basket at her feet. Usually there would be a dog or cat curled up with her too. When no one was around, her creativity would allow her to go into her own world. It was there that she was able to think about her family near and far. I used to watch her as she lovingly created articles for us all.  Many hours went into the deliberation over the choice of colours and materials. Before too long her experienced hand had produced yet another fine handmade article.


Colourful rugs...

Colourful rugs…

It had all started when we were children. I remember my Scottish outfit with the plaid waistcoat. She had stitched a matching one for my older sister. I can so remember my protestations of having to wear the same ‘hand me down’ outfit for a few seasons. I must have been about eight but I was conscious of what I wore even then! The bright yellow sundress with the appliqué tulips around the hem was one of my favourites. But the best of all were the evening dresses mom turned out for her girls. I felt like a princess at my school leaver’s dance. Mom had recreated a fine paisley corduroy Doctor Zhivago cape. She had made the long coordinating dress too, but the cape was what really thrilled me. It brought back scenes from the movie ……the Russian landscape and Lara rushing through the snow. Oh I loved that film! Mom knew how to satisfy my romantic fantasies.

Mom indulged me with my romantic fantasies....

Mom indulged me with my romantic fantasies….

As I walk from room to room around my home I feel my mom’s presence. Mom’s handwork reflects the love she felt for her family. I am surrounded by her quilts, blankets, cushions, scarves and paintings. I selfishly miss her not being here with us but know she is safe and at peace.


A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold.

A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold…..

The Morkel christening robe.......

The Morkel christening robe…….

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