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Canadian flags flutter in the wind as we make our way north on highway 401. The straight fur trees appear match like against the white vast snow fields and Fisher Price barns peep through the misty distance.  A horse digs deep with his nose for a fruitless search of green sustenance. The frozen grass that had survived the harshness of winter pokes through the soft white crust of snow. Ploughed lines of soil are accentuated with a white icy trim. The dark network of deciduous branches stands stark against the grey sky. It is hard to imagine that soon they would be bursting with green buds. These white ‘plains of Canada’ shimmer for miles and the trees quiver as clouds of mist veil the leaves.


There is both frailness and strength to winter as all living creatures and plants struggle to survive the elements. The fields are still as the squirrels take cover in burrows and play the waiting game. They patiently sit out the storms, huddled up in their leaf- lined homes. They have learnt this lesson and know that the reward for their patience is great. They await the first tip of green that will announce the arrival of spring. Oh what a joyous occasion that will be! All that moves will run about and enjoy the warmth of the sun!


Today tiny white buds in our garden announced that spring is imminent. The days have begun to stretch and our waiting game is almost over too!  We have been let off lightly this time with a mild Canadian winter. It is time to run outside and enjoy the warmth on our backs.




Our first Canadian winter.

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