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“Press it down firmly.” The command was shouted from the side of the house. This was serious…..

There was a project in progress and the men in our house were finding a use for all the heaps of snow that had gathered through our brutal Canadian winter at the back of the garden. We did not know what to do with it anymore! The shovels whooshed to and fro as our recycle bins found another function in their somewhat restricted portfolio. Gone were the heaps of trash that had filled their bellies but instead white fluff lined their insides. The brilliant blue plastic receptacles caught the filtered light through the forest of maple and elm trees.  I stood at the top cocooned inside our warm house and admired my design team. They had pulled on their snow gear with their heavy snow boots too. All this cold weather paraphernalia did not seem to restrict their agility as they considered which consistency of the ice cold material would be most suitable for the job.

Heaps of snow....

Heaps of snow….

“What on earth were they up to?”

I had no idea what was being constructed and was drawn to stand and stare. One thing was for certain….. These men were focussed and on a mission.  It was being well orchestrated with method   and had a definite plan. They would stop, lean on the snow shovels, discuss and then work on. It was reminiscent of a road crew but with a whole lot more motivation! I watched and waited. The compacted blocks were turned upside down and the ice brick slid out. Each had a position in the plan. The wall of snow began to immerge. By this stage I could not contain myself any longer and further investigation was definitely warranted.

Josh gets a piece of the action too.

Josh sizes up the material.

“Oh these things weigh a ton!”  I shouted as I lolloped down the side of the house in heavy snow boots to get a look in on the action. The debate then ensued as to what these master builders were creating on this freezing cold day.

“It looks like an igloo. No, I think something more majestic…..a mini Zimbabwe Ruins!” They were not about to let on and just kept me in limbo.  I had a distinct feeling that they did not know what would eventually materialise out of this pile of snow. But it was getting colder and this engineering feat would have to be completed in haste. The pace increased and I waited with baited breath. Slowly it   become apparent as the last snow brick took its position. A name was written up on the side……….a snow bar!

Cold weather activity.....

Cold weather activity…..

It was perfect complete with a glistening sheen of the ice that had already formed along the top. But like any construction, it needed the hands of a lady to add a few of the finer points. So the odd decorative piece and some lighting was added to the master piece. Now all that was needed was to christen this baby!  A few willing friends were summoned to help us with the task.

A perfect evening.

A perfect evening.

It was a perfect evening…..not too cold and not too warm. We did not want our snow – bar to melt or sublimate for that matter!  The fine snowflakes drifted down and we celebrated our creation, life and most of all a special family birthday. It was after all the beginning of spring.

Time to celebrate......

Time to celebrate……

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I can see the stars from America….

The elusive winter sun streams through my window. Its deceptive beams promise of warmer days but in the meantime it is time to keep snug and to dream……
I make no apologies for being sentimental and for enjoying time spent in the past. It is where I dream and visit my happy place. We are continually bombarded at the start of the New Year with all the tips for achieving this elusive state of ‘happiness.’ Everything from striving to be present to achieving glowing health! Each to his own and there is no harm in finding out what works for you. But one can’t help but ponder this insatiable quest for utopia.




My little dose of happiness came in the form of a visit from Seattle of our young twin grandchildren, Jack and Kate. They intrigued us with their sense of wonder and kept us on the hop as we strived to attend to their needs which included entertainment. I must add that they are only 6 months old…..so heaven help us! Being twins the parents needed some much needed sleep, so we stepped in and played the surrogate role. This involved the feed times as well. Jack was just too happy to oblige and took to the bottle like a real pro. But Kate was not having any of it. She arched her little back and a bit her lip. No bottle was going to pass her lips! I think if she could have stood up, she might have stamped her feet. I could almost hear the little voice giving her nan stick! (I must add that I won’t take any blame for these genes, although my family think differently!) However, instead she let out a loud wail and nothing I did would console her. While I admired her persistence and the strength of her  little backbone, it was not doing much to add to the sleep session of her weary parents. This ‘old mom’ also noticed that there were no real tears but merely dry crocodile ones. Me thinks you protest too much, Kate!



I sang a lullaby…….

I then decided that another tactic was needed to convince this little madam that the bottle was certainly an excellent second option. The reasoning began……. “You see Kate, it is like this. I do not have the right equipment anymore.” I pointed to the relevant parts….. Her big eyes stared at me in disbelief. I am not sure who was more surprised. Was it me talking to myself or Kate?  But this desperate grandmother ran through the advantages of quenching the thirst and satisfying the hunger pains. All this time Kate was riveted as she digested the contents of my soliloquy. The added bonus would be if sleep ensued after the tasty meal. It was in short supply with teething little ones. I nervously lifted up the bottle. Miraculously no loud bellow erupted forth. Instead Kate gave a long sigh, relented and latched on like a dab hand. She drained the contents in a flash while she quizzically studied this new face. I would have given anything to have known the thoughts that ran through that little head. But sleep came to both of them and so to the rest of the house.

All of these stars will guide us…….

Too soon the visit was over and these two little mites made their way back to the US. Thankfully with modern technology our happiness continues as we rejoice in all their milestones.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase just the first step.



Snow rides in the back garden.

Snow rides in the back garden.


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