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The Bum Scraper

The Bum Scraper




There was a loud screech as I reversed out the driveway! The tyres squealed as I made my way around the corner. This was fun! I was riding my son’s ‘boy racer’ as he had borrowed my car. It was exhilarating to feel the power under the hood.  I felt like I was chasing along NoordhoekBeach on the back of a wild stallion! Yippee! I had to revive old skills of driving such similar vehicles. It was also a ‘stick car’ which means that it had a gear lever. I recall being told, when confronted with such ‘bum scrapers,’ to keep the revs up!  I have become spoilt here in Canada as we drive automatic vehicles. You merely point and accelerate. So the co ordination of gear lever, clutch and brake all had to be synchronized in my ‘blonde head.’


I finally got the hang of it but was so grateful that men in my household were not able to observe me. After about ten minutes of rough starts and stalls, I made my way down to the other side of town where I was about to start my Christmas shopping. I parked conveniently and competently. I had got the hang of this ‘wild horse.’ I grabbed my coat and rushed into the building. The shopping was successful and I managed to find just what I was looking for. Oh how I wish that all of these shopping jaunts could be so successful! The Christmas list was now beginning to look less daunting. I paid for my goods and pushed my trolley out to my sleek chariot.


As I approached my car, I noticed that someone had stuck a wooden block behind one of my back tyres. Silly fool! Some prankster was obviously waiting for me to reverse over the big wooden ‘hump!’ I was irritated and threw my parcels into the boot. I took out the block and with great aplomb, threw it onto the sidewalk. Take that! I mumbled under my breath and swung my legs into the car. My tall frame took quite a bit of effort to get settled into the seat. These ‘bum scrapers’ are much lower than what I am used to. Then I looked up and noticed a note neatly clipped on my windscreen. It read….


You left your car on neutral. There is a piece of wood under your back wheel.


The note!

The note!

I imagined the scene. I had forgotten to put my handbrake on! ‘The black stallion’ decided to take off without its rider!  Someone observed the over zealous vehicle and rushed to the tyre place nearby. ‘The kind someone’ fetched a wooden block and gently pushed it up against the back wheel. My face burned red with embarrassment and shame!

 How was I going to explain this one away? Ha! Ha!

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It takes quite a bit to shut me up, so I am told, but there are times when I grow quiet and just sit alone with my thoughts. As it is Mother’s Day coming up, allow me to indulge myself and to think aloud about my 3 sons.…..

These three boys, who are genetically from the same parents, are so different. They have inherited so many wonderful traits from their dad but today I am going to reflect on the part that I have played in making them special human beings. They all have that strength of definition in the shape of their faces with a strong chin. This is obviously derived from their dad’s genes, but with that strength comes a softness too. I notice this at certain times in the expression on their faces and in the curve of their smile. That look presents itself when they tend our household pets or engage in conversation with a child. I like to think that I had a part to play in those mannerisms.

They all love music albeit that their taste varies considerably. They play it in the car, strum guitars when they ponder their own thoughts or don earphones and allow the rhythm to obliterate the outside world. It all started way back in their car seats when we traveled long distances to do the monthly shop. Even my youngest son was ‘my city car kid’ as we traveled backwards and forwards to the sport commitments of ‘the brothers.’ They would bob to the beat while their mother kept time with her hands on the steering wheel. This would later become a great source of embarrassment to them as I sang and tapped to the music. I was severely reprimanded as it was not cool for a mom to display such behaviour. But as little one’s they thought it was grand! And so the seed was planted to enjoy music in any form.

 Where did dinosaurs come from? There were endless questions that had to be answered. The older two were borne in the ‘the pre internet stage’. I often resorted to seeking the answers in the local library, as it soon became apparent that my field of knowledge did not stretch that far. How do you explain evolution to a four year old? He eventually explained it to his mother with the use of pictures! I do still pride myself that my boys were encouraged to question, to seek knowledge and to analyse the facts. As an older mom, I was thankful to have the use of the internet when my youngest son began the ‘stage of questions.’ I had the added bonus that he would run and look up the answers for himself, as he was more computer literate than I was at the time. But I must add that I was involved with the discussion that ensued afterwards!

One of the joys of having sons is that over the years partners will be added to the extended family. If they are blessed with offspring, I will take great delight in observing small traits that could possibly have come down the line from me. Of course I will not take ownership for any possible ‘streke’ that might present themselves!

Jumping for joy with my boys!







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