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Wake me up when this is all over……

The green ball pushed hard against my chest as I strained to balance and to ‘keep my body still.’  My core muscles quivered and shook as every ounce of my energy was poured into just keeping my hands flat and my bottom in the air. It had been many years since I had rolled around on the floor like this and ‘played’ with a ball…..possibly half a century! The blood rushed into my head as I strained and moved into the next position. We were now on our backs and I had to balance and hold this giant ‘toy’ between my feet whilst lifting my torso off the floor. Oh no! The ball shot out and dashed across the floor. I fell back on my mat and contemplated the awkwardness of it all. I give up! There has to be a simpler way to get all these muscles to talk to each other after lying dormant all these years.


'Playing' on the floor.....

‘Playing’ on the floor…..

Wish I could stay forever this young……

The quest has begun within our family to keep fit. The imminent ski season is around the corner. Heaven help me! I still bare the scars from the last one. They continually egg me on and have me doing all sorts of activities that I never had time for when I was a ‘working girl.’ I sometimes think that it would be far easier to just curl up with a good book or gaze through the lounge window and watch the squirrels romp outside in the snow. This I could easily do while they are out there forging through the snowy slopes. But it is not to be, we are toning up and stretching out those stiff and sore joints in preparation for the family exploits.

Guided by my beating heart…….

Not only does the body need limbering up but the diet needed some revision too. All manners of fruit and vegetables get whirred around each morning to create a healthy smoothie. This is when the mother gets sweet revenge……all those years of pandering to the demands of the delectable pallets of fussy eaters….I just bung it all in! I get asked the question: ‘What is in the smoothie this morning?’ I quickly reply, “Oh, just fruit and then under my breath I whisper…..and a bit of beetroot and green pepper.” It is amazing how if you add just a touch of honey, it just masks all the ‘do- gooder veggies’ that you are trying to get down their throats!


Josh thinks.....this must be good if they eat it!

Josh thinks…..this must be good if they eat it!

So I don’t know where the journey will end……

I must admit I used to have to flog myself to get my butt up and off to my Pilates class, but I am thoroughly enjoying the feel of a less stiff body. The triumph of getting into positions, holding still there and the ‘good stiffness’ of worked muscles all adds to the feeling of accomplishment. Thanks Nancy, you make it all worth while!

It brings to mind a proverb from Africa in the Swahili language…..

‘Haba na haba hujaza kibaba’ which directly translated means ‘Little by little the measure is filled.’




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Toronto in the distance



The ‘silver city skies’ glisten as I gaze across at the city of Toronto in the morning light. The towering buildings quiver in the sun as they stretch upwards. The pulse of the city is tangible even at this distance and reverberates across the calm waters. It beckons me and ‘is asking for the taking’ as I conjure up another visit of exploration. Maybe this time it will be the antique shops or another graceful old heritage home. An aeroplane takes off from the Island and leaves its plume across the sky. I cast my eyes back along the shore and watch the water lap at my feet as if to transfer this energy straight from the source.

It is hard to imagine that this lake has a shoreline of over 1000 kilometres.  It is like a huge stretch of sea! Today it even smells like one and I gather up the small mussel shells in the sand of this manmade beach. Rounded pebbles that have been smoothed away over time knock up against the rocks. I pick one up and skim it across the mirrored lake; it ripples and sinks down….. far down. In some places it may be as deep as 244 metres.  Josh peers over the edge for the proverbial fish. He has taken a shine to the sport as he has no African Hyrax to taunt anymore. He gazes into the mirrored water and leaps at his innocent victims. His lack of success keeps his interest fired and continues to chase up and down peering into the depths from all angles. This determination will surely pay dividends and allow him to land one soon!

The stillness is suddenly interrupted by the sound of progress. Another condominium is going up nearby and a bulldozer is gnarling away at the earth. As it piles the broken ground into a waiting truck, a new basement is being formed. This will park more cars, house more people and create the opportunity for more eyes to enjoy this vista of the city.
I know that I have to ‘run with the new.’

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The clunk of the pool ball breaks through the stillness of my sleep. I try to work out where I am and why someone would possibly be playing pool this early in the morning! My fuzzy head tries to make sense of it all. Have I have eventually gone on that cruise around the Mediterranean? No such luck, it is our pool table in the basement that is resonating with the beating of wood on wood. Who could possibly be so inconsiderate at 2 am in the morning?


Teenagers have the knack of living in their own heads and for making sure that all their own needs are met. I have lived with 3 of them and taught hundreds over the years and have had to draw this conclusion. I find it hard to accept this and that they just don’t see the bigger picture. Blinkers are perched just over their ears so that they can just take in their immediate surroundings and what is pertinent to them. All auditory pleas for help or piles of dirty plates are not registered by this selective adolescent brain. They have the marvelous ability to take in just what is necessary. The sight of fresh delectables in the fridge, added cell phone air time or a topped up their bank account results in a quick burst of energy. But all this reverts back into sloth mode once they are reminded of the weekly chores!

Conservation of energy is paramount and all things that amount to ‘love jobs around the house’ are completed at snails pace and with a look of utter disdain on the face. The ears are plugged with earphones and the music pulsates to lessen the pain of helping out. This lack of outside sound often results in the vacuum hose becoming tangled up around a piece of furniture and the straining motor sends a whine up through the house. But it falls on deaf ears and the ‘enthusiastic helper’ just carries on oblivious to the pending doom. Once the earphones have been removed, the hearing resumes the state of being selective.


So how does this mother get some cooperation from her beloved son? I have tried various psychological approaches from round table discussions to the democratic involvement of decision making. There are days when we make headway and days that I feel I am back in the terrible two’s stage!  I do know that this too will pass and hopefully with tender loving care, the teenager chrysalis will ripen and a caring, helpful human being will emerge. I look forward to that day!

My Canadian teenager


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