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This video brings home the fact that here in Vancouver we have a tremendous amount of rain. So excuse us when we wax lyrical when we get the odd dose of sunshine…….

There was much excitement today when 2 massive cruise ships sailed and docked on our north shore. We are used to watching them disembark with all the usual hooting and fanfare across the bay. This was different as it was right on our doorstep!

A local company were refitting this 27 000 ton, 680 passenger liner in 16 days. Each cabin was to be gutted and remodeled as well as the hull stripped and repainted along with updates to the propulsion system and rudder. As you can imagine this is a tall order and it would require a large workforce to complete this scale of job. It proved to be no problem to the organisers. I can imagine there was some bright young spark on that team……the second boat was drawn alongside that could accommodate the 2000 strong band of workers. How ingenious is that? Imagine falling out of bed…. a quick brush of the teeth and then a walk across the gangplank to the office. Once the day was done you could meet on the deck for a quick sun downer with a view across the Bay. Not too shabby for a day in the working life of the crew!

A surprise on our North Shore…

I had to smile as the company doing the refitting apologised for the noise that the locals would have to endure during the fitting out of the boat. How amazingly polite we are as Canadians and conscious of our environment.

I took this all in on my walk down to the quay last night. As the sun was setting a resident tugboat pulled in right next to me. A ship’s pilot shot me a greeting over his shoulder and then jumped aboard. He was obviously going out to one of the tankers to bring them into the port.

There is so much to see if we just take the time to stand and stare.

A tugboat greeting along the pier….

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing –half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Kenneth Grahame

Wind in the Willows


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His left eyebrow lifted as he gazed at me over his spectacles.

“So tell me, what are your symptoms?”

I gave a concise description hoping that I could just get my script from him and get out of there! The doctor had his sleeves rolled up which showed off his bronze glow. I had heard one of the nurses inquire about his holiday and he had obviously just returned from some sunny destination down South. He did not have the usual ‘I am rested and had a good holiday’ look on his face and proceeded to inquire and refute all that I said about how I was feeling. I wondered to myself how many times he had actually experienced a bladder infection and how many times he had danced around on a toilet seat shouting, “Fish hooks and razor blades!”

I could not blame this learned doctor and any assurance that I might have given him that I was no hypochondriac, would have meant very little to him. Besides, who was this Anne Morkel anyway? I had no history with this doctor; all he could possibly know about me was what I had told him and what appeared on my health card. This was not about to be very informative either as I had not built up much of a health  record in the last 7 months other than a clean bill of health for my annual medical.


As I drove back along the streets towards home I realized I have no history yet in this new country. Nobody knows whether I am a good solid citizen or a scoundrel, a warm caring individual or a cold unfriendly soul, I can choose to dwell on that fact or do something about it.  So what do I do about it? How do I create some history in this our new country Canada? I suppose if this whole ‘history making’ is to mean something then this process should make a difference to others. Then I ask myself: How can I make a difference?

I am going to write about all these new experiences and record the metamorphosis that takes place when one is exposed to a totally new environment. The difference will be when, hopefully, my readers will be able to relate to, identify and find solace in the topics that I cover.  

 One thing I do know is, the next time I need to visit the medical centre for an ailment, I will pull out all the stops! No stoic attitude from this lady, I will turn on the taps and do the necessary attics. My family has always said that I have a natural ability to do just that. Even though it is not becoming of a lady of mature years, I am sure that I will be able to oblige. The little girl in me lurks just below the surface!

Making history under the maple trees!

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