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Wake me up when this is all over……

The green ball pushed hard against my chest as I strained to balance and to ‘keep my body still.’  My core muscles quivered and shook as every ounce of my energy was poured into just keeping my hands flat and my bottom in the air. It had been many years since I had rolled around on the floor like this and ‘played’ with a ball…..possibly half a century! The blood rushed into my head as I strained and moved into the next position. We were now on our backs and I had to balance and hold this giant ‘toy’ between my feet whilst lifting my torso off the floor. Oh no! The ball shot out and dashed across the floor. I fell back on my mat and contemplated the awkwardness of it all. I give up! There has to be a simpler way to get all these muscles to talk to each other after lying dormant all these years.


'Playing' on the floor.....

‘Playing’ on the floor…..

Wish I could stay forever this young……

The quest has begun within our family to keep fit. The imminent ski season is around the corner. Heaven help me! I still bare the scars from the last one. They continually egg me on and have me doing all sorts of activities that I never had time for when I was a ‘working girl.’ I sometimes think that it would be far easier to just curl up with a good book or gaze through the lounge window and watch the squirrels romp outside in the snow. This I could easily do while they are out there forging through the snowy slopes. But it is not to be, we are toning up and stretching out those stiff and sore joints in preparation for the family exploits.

Guided by my beating heart…….

Not only does the body need limbering up but the diet needed some revision too. All manners of fruit and vegetables get whirred around each morning to create a healthy smoothie. This is when the mother gets sweet revenge……all those years of pandering to the demands of the delectable pallets of fussy eaters….I just bung it all in! I get asked the question: ‘What is in the smoothie this morning?’ I quickly reply, “Oh, just fruit and then under my breath I whisper…..and a bit of beetroot and green pepper.” It is amazing how if you add just a touch of honey, it just masks all the ‘do- gooder veggies’ that you are trying to get down their throats!


Josh thinks.....this must be good if they eat it!

Josh thinks…..this must be good if they eat it!

So I don’t know where the journey will end……

I must admit I used to have to flog myself to get my butt up and off to my Pilates class, but I am thoroughly enjoying the feel of a less stiff body. The triumph of getting into positions, holding still there and the ‘good stiffness’ of worked muscles all adds to the feeling of accomplishment. Thanks Nancy, you make it all worth while!

It brings to mind a proverb from Africa in the Swahili language…..

‘Haba na haba hujaza kibaba’ which directly translated means ‘Little by little the measure is filled.’




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Go Canada!

Go Canada!

The trolley trundled down the long passage to the operating theatre. It swished over the smooth polished floor like a ski lift gliding up a hill. An idea too painful to entertain at this stage! The team were all scrubbed up and eagerly awaiting their next case. I use the word ‘team’ and ‘eagerly’ as this hospital was a teaching facility, so there were a few ‘newly qualified’ who assisted the resident specialist. A large marker pen was suddenly pulled out of nowhere. I thought this to be a strange addition to the operating paraphernalia. My right side was duly marked with a big arrow pointing to the ‘right.’ Well that should avoid any confusion! I checked this as all I needed was for them to mess up my good old leftie as well. Then they gave me a quick injection into my stomach…..something about taking precautions. I could just imagine the quick run down that was given.  Middle aged…..skiing accident….badly broken arm…..otherwise a healthy specimen.

It had been 3 weeks since my fall and I felt like I was no closer to being ‘whole’ again. One has to wait to see a specialist here in Canada which is understandable so one has to draw on one’s patience. The little fragments of broken bone had been giving me jip and I was so glad that this procedure would scrape the little offenders out. All was left to do was strut my arm with a metal plate and sew me back up. A piece of cake, really! I felt like a young tree getting ready for spring!

The menagerie of faces surrounded me as I resurfaced. All had gone well. Good….now can I go home? But I still had a way to go. The ‘said arm’ was not ready yet as it still lay frozen and limp across my chest. I was told that it had to wake up properly and was warned that the process was quite painful. The doctor decided to keep me in overnight and prescribed strong intravenous pain medication.  I took what they gave me and proceeded to vomit for the next 24 hours. The night nurse was an unfriendly soul and did not take kindly to me needing her attention and the bucket that she brought me every couple of hours. Anyway once the day staff came on there was a different approach. I could not wait to get home and have just weathered the discomfort and pain without the aid of the foul chemicals.

I slept for 2 days solid and am now feeling chipper again. The television is on, laundry is being done, the stove is on the go and Josh has had a walk. I think my men folk enjoyed the peace and quiet when I was man down! They ate fast food for 3 days solid! Anyway I am certainly glad to be home.

One of the disadvantages of a recently acquired ‘fat arm’ is that none of my clothes fit me. Philip’s cupboard has been raided and my one and only ensemble consists of a Canadian hockey shirt. I have added to the mix a pair of Canadian socks and the matching mittens when I go out in the cold.

Go Canada!


I like this version too with Sarah Mclachlan and Santana……

Patience is my lesson here!

Patience is my lesson here!

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You can always count on me and I will plant you a maple tree…….

We planted a maple tree today in honour of Canada Day…… all 4 metres of it. It is thin and scrawny but the bright green leaves indicate that it is a healthy specimen. It stood in our ravine at the bottom of our garden and was cosseted by the many elms and grander maples that surrounded it. But in this position, it fought for light and sustenance as the bigger brothers took preference.

I will carry you on my wings……

The birds protested as we gently carved it out with a big ball of soil attached to its roots. I think they thought that some larger disturbance was afoot. It made the journey up to the front garden perched in our wheel barrow. It looked rather ungainly as we trundled up the side rocky pathway and the leaves shook in protest as the gentle wind blew around us. Its new abode awaited it in the front garden.

I will build you a house of stars and give you safety while you sleep…..

It was to be the only shade tree on the front lawn, a bastion to welcome us home at the end of a long day. It had a position of importance with no competition for sustenance. The hole which will nourish it for years to come had been filled with all ‘the good things for trees’ like bone marrow and rich garden soil.

The most beautiful place in my heart belongs to you……

This tree carries hope for us as a family here in our new country. Like this tree, we have been pulled out of the ground and replanted. Thankfully, we have carried with us ‘our soil’ i.e. the customs, memories and traditions. We have carved out a new environment and the food to sustain us comes from the support that we have received. The faithful friends and family back in South Africa who keep in touch and from the Canadians that have shown us kindness.

You can climb up on the peak……….

A maple tree is meant to grow to 18 metres, we have a long journey ahead of us, but it is sure to be an exciting one!

Our young maple tree.





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