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Being half a world away prevents me from being there for you, my friend.

This is for you.


I want to be inside your heaven……

His tall figure walks between the roses and strolls down the path that he created. He stops as he brushes past the new bulbs that he lovingly planted that spring. Nothing misses his keen eye as he checks for growth and colour. A faint smile breaks across his face. Gentle eyes observe the heart shapes that grace the wall in between the creeper and the newly positioned ornaments. He leans in across the pool and swirls his fingers through the water.

“Gail, it is perfect for a swim!”

All my dreams are in your eyes…..

He makes his way back onto the veranda and settles into his favoured chair. A fluffy shadow settles at his feet and a comforting hand reassures with gentle strokes. The pages from the garden catalogue flip and his eyes narrow as he struggles to see in the fading light. He looks up and admires the lush pathway and relaxes, absorbing the tranquillity. Then back to the choice of plants that entice him from the colourful pages. Much thought and deliberation goes into each plant fortunate enough to find itself in this garden.

“What colours do you want this time? Is it pink or white?

The wrong becomes undone…..

Then there was the bit of wild garden that did not pass your test. They were reconsidered and replanted with much deliberation and attention to detail. The aim here was to make it right and to please the eye of the beholder. Heights were considered and the bed was examined from all angles. A friendly visitor might have been drawn into the discussion and all opinions were taken into account.

“Was it to be the lavender or roses that you wanted here?”

I want to be the earth that holds you…..

He hauled in plenty bags of compost. The Highveld soil was enriched with each turn of the spade in this black earth. The plants responded to the attention and rewarded all who would stand a while with a profusion of colour and fragrance.

 “Can I pick one for the table for you?”

A soothing wind…..

The setting sun drew coloured shadows across the pool. Thrush scurried as they made the most of the evening light.  The breeze was cool and there was comfort. He is with you in the garden he created.

The pathway beckons one to stay a while....

The pathway beckons one to stay a while….




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The ribbon held tight over the soft tissue paper and I recognized the writing on the handmade card. There had been so many gifts created and lovingly sewn over the years but this one felt different. It had traveled the high seas all the way over in time for Christmas, our first away from South Africa. The soft fragrance from the embroidered lavender hearts was the first to greet me and I was reminded of these floral splendours that I had planted outside my mom’s bedroom window. The hot summer breezes would often soothe us with their aromatic perfume.

Then I wrapped the colourful hand knitted scarf around me that I would wear as I walked the pavements in my efforts to exercise Josh….it felt soft and warm. With the temperatures plummeting we had recently discovered that a scarf had now become a necessity and not a fashion extra. The aromatic spices and red cherries of the Christmas cake were the next to be savoured with a cup of hot tea. I felt it warm me as I gazed onto the bare trees that bent with the wind at the bottom of the garden.


As I folded up the last of the Christmas wrappings, I felt the warmth and devotion of my mother all those miles away. In her own way she has shown me what it is like to care for and to give time unselfishly to your family. She lovingly creates her homemade presents and this is indicative of the love that she has for all of us. I am constantly reminded of the foundations that were laid down for me as a child, not realizing how many of those skills would need to be drawn upon with this move abroad. I am grateful for the wonderful mother that I have and hope that I will be able to keep up her legacy as I care for the men in my family all these miles away here in Canada. I love you, Mom.



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