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There’s a rhythm that beats from within …….

As I opened the front door this morning I was greeted by the glorious sounds of spring. The birds are all back and are beginning to do their fan dances to attract a mate. I was quickly brought back to reality with the recognisable stench of our resident skunk. He had awakened from hibernation and no doubt had had a nocturnal tussle right outside our front door. It is a vile smell and no amount of flushing with the garden hose could dull that impenetrable aroma. To add to my delight, today is a Show Day at our house. What a greeting this was going to be to all our prospective buyers.

Many of the ‘window shoppers’ are from the East so the layout of the house and its feng shui is vital. Already many had remarked that the patio door lined up with the front door. According to feng shui principles, this signifies that all the accumulated wealth would flow right out of the house! Now we could not have that happening! What about the fact that there were 2 large pots on either sides of the front entrance? In accordance with these very same principles, they are meant to act as bastions and therefore welcome in any guests/energy into the house. I wracked my brains …….what could I do to mask these factors which were playing havoc with the ‘energy’ today?
One of the big parts of winterising your house here in Canada is you need to drain all the outside taps and empty and pack up water features. That was it! My tranquil grey water feature was hiding and gathering dust right up on the top storage shelf in the garage. I gently pulled the ladder off its hook and slid it into position. Up I went like a spring rabbit. I leaned across and manoeuvred the heavy bowl to the side of the shelf. It wobbled and I took up the slack. Oh the spirit was so keen! There was no way I could get that huge dish off the ledge and down the ladder. That was if I did not want to somersault right off and onto the cement floor. I stood there and weighed up my options. I decided to take the sensible one which went so against my grain. I had to play the waiting game yet again. Big muscles and a steady hand were called for ……..and my son who had both those attributes was sleeping soundly.
I continued to clean and polish and the bright spring flowers were placed at strategic positions. I opened the door onto the deck and the fresh spring air blasted through the house. The sound of the returning mallard ducks could be heard from the stream below.
It is time to leave. Everything is ready. My water feature bubbles at the front door. The energy feels right and is here. You just have to open your eyes, ears and heart to feel it!
And the echoes of your melody will always live in these walls…..

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