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(Carla Bruni is the former First Lady of France.)

The sun caught the fine strands of grey as he stooped over his table. There was an empty coffee cup pushed to one side and he gazed up into the trees. His suite was dark and of the finest cloth. It was well worn but still neat and distinguished. He stopped and put his hands together as he contemplated his next clue on the word puzzle. Suddenly we heard a  shout and a group of three women came round the corner.  They were laughing and they were discussing something at great length. Each one was adding their bit of colour to the story. There was a gasp and a peal of laughter  burst forth. They walked across the square towards the grey-haired man. He looked up and a smile broke across his face.

“C’est une belle journée.”

The town square where locals meet and play petanque.

The town square where locals meet and play ‘petanque.’


There was much kissing of cheeks …..one kiss, two kisses and three. Espresso coffees were ordered and everyone settled back into their seats. The talk continued between the women. They waved their arms and pointed hands expressively while the grey-haired man looked up at them patiently.

The breeze picked up and blew the autumn leaves across the town square towards the entrance of the café.  The local ferronnier had set up his workshop next to the café. He stood in the doorway with a cigarette smoldering in his hand. His face was well worn from the exposure to the heat of his workshop and the blue light of the welding gun had taken its toll on his eyes. He shouted across to the women but they could not be distracted. Two men joined him and there was much back slapping and laughing.

I am not sure if the kiss-kiss ritual featured here. The ferronnier took the last pull on his cigarette and they made their way into the café. Through the doorway I could just make out the small glasses in their hands. A small aperitif was being knocked back as the cards were dealt around the table. This appeared to be their regular mid morning break!

Time to sit and stare....

Time to sit and stare….


We sat under the trees in the town square of the medieval village of Villecroze. There is a 40 metre waterfall that cascades from a group of caves on the hill right down into the formal gardens below. What a sight! It is a tranquil garden and a source of solitude for the town’s folk and us visitors. The formal layout with the cascading stream, elegant Cypress and terracotta pots beckoned us to delay our leave.

The waterfall

The waterfall

But the intrigue of the old village made us venture back into the town. The village meandered between the ancient city walls……… some dating back to the 12th Century. The front doors and entrances were unique and often held a collection of treasured items. A watering can, a doll’s pram and a metal chair graced one of the entrances. It was as if time stood still. We paused and reflected on the history. The ancient stone walls conjured up images of splendid knights in dazzling armour. 

The medieval archways of Villecroze.

The medieval archways of Villecroze


There was a loud crash and we were brought back to reality. A new lounge suite was being hoisted through a top wooden window. The old hoist was being used and the shutter had been pinned back. The lumbering chair was slowly maneuvered through the opening.

Life goes on at its own pace here in the countryside of France. We stop a while and stare and savour the moments.


The ‘I don’t know what’ and the ‘Almost nothing.’









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“Give the girl correct footwear and she can conquer the world.” Bette Middler

If shoes could speak.......


They were slipped off at the front door and stacked neatly in a row as this was the custom in Canada. No shoes were allowed in the house!

They sat there like faithful hounds waiting patiently at the door for their owners. There were a few that frequent daily lectures; others sprint off to the Go Train each day and one pair had recently walked the streets of Rome. Some of their owners had their feet firmly planted on the ground, while others drifted about in their search for answers. All were in various stages of ageing, but still managed to go about their business of protecting the human foot with dignity and dedication.

You might have gathered that I have a shoe fetish and made sure that I renewed my stock before I left the South African shores. When you know shoes, you also know exactly what you like and where to find them. So thank goodness for Queen Victoria who invented the lady’s boot, way back in 1840. I was going to need every colour and style I could find for those long Canadian winters. I did not need any encouragement to go out and acquire a few more pairs. This time I had to make sensible buys encompassing the attributes of being durable, waterproof and glamorous. So if I had to trudge around in the freezing cold, why not do it with a bit of style? I did manage to fulfill two of the criteria but the melting snow managed to leak through and soak my already cold feet. So much for the glamour part! But in true form I went into the `boer maak `n plan’ mode and a can of waterproof sealing spray did the trick. We were back in business.

The shoes at the front door were being gathered up by their owners as they ventured out into the cold night. It had been a wonderful party. The warm South African spirit of our hosts prevailed as we mingled and were treated with fine food and music. It was time to slide our feet back into our shoes and make our way home.

 This girl has her correct footwear and is ready to conquer the world!


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