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I almost can cannot handle it…….

It had been months of preparation and finally the truck had been packed up with all our worldly possessions. You could not squeeze another toothbrush into the back of the neatly tessellated boxes. We had managed to downsize somewhat and I felt relieved that the loot had reduced to a more manageable amount. I waved at the already familiar truck driver as he rounded the corner. He had a good 40 hours of driving ahead of him across Canada. Did I ever realise how big this place was before we got here?

Another box to add to the pile....

Another box to add to the pile….


I have been waiting for this moment……..

The relief was tangible and I felt the stress just tumble off my shoulders. Now all that was left was to organise Josh’s travels and the 2 cars. The vehicles were fetched that evening by 2 flatbed trucks. The drivers walked around the 2 clean immaculate passengers. Even ‘they’ had been prepared for their trip to the west coast! The drivers strutted around and rubbed at the dust marks on the body work. But I knew these 2 beauties were ready and scratchless and could be winched into place. From there they would be driven into a carrier and securely tied down. Our pool table was going to be slide in alongside the cars. Another thing to tick off the ‘to do’ list!

My Highlander graciously takes up her position....

My Highlander graciously takes up her position….

It is good to be alive round about now…..

At 5am the next morning Josh was collected. He gingerly jumped into his crate and settled down on his familiar soft blanket. He looked across at me knowingly. I assured him ‘that the trip was shorter this time round.’ The last of my packing was done. What a relief! The next few days would be spent with family and friends. It was bitter sweet to say goodbye. I suppose the reality of what you have meant to people and what they have meant to you only really hits home when you leave. I was very honoured and touched by the outpouring of emotion. I am so grateful to them for being part of my life over these last 5 years. We hope that Vancouver will be on their favourite list of vacation spots in the near future.

I think I have finally found my Hallelujah….

The call came in at the airport that the truck in which are cars were traveling had met with an accident. No one was hurt fortunately….. except the cars! In true Canadian fashion a moose had walked out across the road and the truck had swerved to avoid it. What are the chances? Oh well, they are after all, just vehicles. I will be most grateful if the second truck gets to us safely. Hopefully no moose migration is imminent over the next few days.

The culprit.....

The culprit…..

Somehow I fancy a little red low- slung number. On second thoughts maybe an orange one……we are after all empty nesters with no ‘real’ responsibilities!

I could get used to this……

My beloved garden pots have certainly seen a bit of the world....

My beloved garden pots have certainly seen a bit of the world….


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The clunk of the pool ball breaks through the stillness of my sleep. I try to work out where I am and why someone would possibly be playing pool this early in the morning! My fuzzy head tries to make sense of it all. Have I have eventually gone on that cruise around the Mediterranean? No such luck, it is our pool table in the basement that is resonating with the beating of wood on wood. Who could possibly be so inconsiderate at 2 am in the morning?


Teenagers have the knack of living in their own heads and for making sure that all their own needs are met. I have lived with 3 of them and taught hundreds over the years and have had to draw this conclusion. I find it hard to accept this and that they just don’t see the bigger picture. Blinkers are perched just over their ears so that they can just take in their immediate surroundings and what is pertinent to them. All auditory pleas for help or piles of dirty plates are not registered by this selective adolescent brain. They have the marvelous ability to take in just what is necessary. The sight of fresh delectables in the fridge, added cell phone air time or a topped up their bank account results in a quick burst of energy. But all this reverts back into sloth mode once they are reminded of the weekly chores!

Conservation of energy is paramount and all things that amount to ‘love jobs around the house’ are completed at snails pace and with a look of utter disdain on the face. The ears are plugged with earphones and the music pulsates to lessen the pain of helping out. This lack of outside sound often results in the vacuum hose becoming tangled up around a piece of furniture and the straining motor sends a whine up through the house. But it falls on deaf ears and the ‘enthusiastic helper’ just carries on oblivious to the pending doom. Once the earphones have been removed, the hearing resumes the state of being selective.


So how does this mother get some cooperation from her beloved son? I have tried various psychological approaches from round table discussions to the democratic involvement of decision making. There are days when we make headway and days that I feel I am back in the terrible two’s stage!  I do know that this too will pass and hopefully with tender loving care, the teenager chrysalis will ripen and a caring, helpful human being will emerge. I look forward to that day!

My Canadian teenager


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