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The creamy heart floats to the surface in my coffee cup. It is Valentine’s Day and I notice the faces sitting huddled together. They had also come into the restaurant to get away from the cold. There were old friends catching up and couples catching a quick chat during their lunch break ‘without the children.’ There was a stern looking business man who had emails to send. He never once looked up to admire the glamorous blond who was perched on her seat opposite him. In fact he never noticed anyone and just sat with his eyes glued to his computer. Poor man, he was missing all the nuances and the ambiances of the day. He might as well have stayed in his car with a takeout coffee and the heater switched on.  The dark haired man made up for it though as he surveyed the tall brunette who had just swished through the glass doorway. She had the collar of her plaid coat pulled up and her scarf fell casually over her shoulder. She looked like someone who had just walked out of the pages of Country Life. Her eyes met his and she quickly turned and found a seat near the window. She fumbled in her handbag and eventually found what she was looking for…..her cell phone. It appeared as if she had an appointment to keep.


A Valentine's surprise.

A Valentine’s surprise.


 I am fortunate to have the time to ‘people watch’ and I love it! A corner seat in my favourite café and a latte is all I need. It is the ‘me time’ that I savour and my escape.  My observations of others, as they go about their daily lives, teaches me much about life and myself.

I twist my soft scarf around my neck and pull the fur lined hood over my head. It is time to head out into the cold streets…….back to reality.


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The reality sets in!

Euphoria is supposed to be the first stage when you have a sudden change like a move. You are meant to be enthralled by your new environment and all the new stimulus that greets you. Well, I can agree with that, except that my first stage was hardly euphoric but an acceptance of the situation and the way it was.Yes, there has certainly been excitement but there has also been the missing of family and friends too. This week I thought that I had finally declined into the next stage and this is how it happened.

I had spent a wonderful day out with a SA girl and we had trailed around a few interesting shops and had a delectable lunch at a Parisienne cafe. It was time to make my way back to the condo so I set off in the car and said thanks to my sat-nav for leading me through the maize of houses and down to the lake shore near our apartment. I was just about to congratulate myself on my cool countenance and turned into our road when an officious looking police officer jumped out in front of me. “You can`t turn in here, there has been an accident” I searched the road for the obvious signs of a collision and saw nothing but the flashing lights. These were enough to ward any one off especially someone who was about to do her Canadian Driver`s license for the first time. I drove aimlessly around the block and returned on the other side of of the street thinking that I might be able to persuade the other officer to let me in. No such luck! I then proceeded to drive around Toronto in rush hour traffic for almost 2 hours. To add to my dilemma I had forgotten to fill up my tank and I was literally driving on the smell of an oil rag. I made one last circuit and decided to appeal to the first police officer again as I now had a pulsing headache and was beginning to have a sense of humour failure. I put on my most polite voice and used the ‘little girl lost’ approach but even that did not work.I was furious! Anyway a garage was found and I even mastered the art of filling my car up with petrol. I eventually limped through the condo door and collapsed in a heap! The first stage of my transition had definitely been terminated!

Then tonight we decided to celebrate David`s birthday and Bryan`s arrival into the country. We had a beef roast filling the air with delicious aromas and there was a good bottle of SA red on the table. The brothers managed to get the the music piped into each room in the condo so I had smooth jazz playing in the kitchen and it followed me  as I made my way around the apartment, even the bathroom! I realised that there are certainly going to be mishaps but on the whole life is goooood!

Family, friends and good wine.

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