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The two pairs of eyes were fixed on me as I danced back and forth clicking my fingers to the rhythm. I had fetched the twins just after 6 that morning as their parents were in dire need of some catch up sleep.
‘Ok kids, it is you and me for the next few hours!’

We turned up the volume and the sounds of “Old MacDonald had a Farm’ wafted through the air.
I bounced down the staircase to the basement guest room with Leo, the family dog, at my heels. My arms were bursting with all baby katunda that I could carry.  This included two soothers, two baby seats, and a healthy supply of nappies. I remembered that I had forgotten the toys and decided that whatever I could pull out of my case would have to suffice. My silver bracelets are always firm favourites and the shine usually did the trick.

Jack with his Nan.

Jack with his Nan.

I gazed across at them as they snuggled into the covers. Jack with his long gazes and his slow wide smile. Those deep blue eyes shone with wisdom. Heaven help us! I could just imagine some of the questions that would no doubt arise on my watch …..

‘Nan, where does the sky go to? ‘All the more reason to keep on my toes and to keep the head sharp.

Kate with the cute button switched on.

Kate with the cute button switched on.

Then there was Kate with her twinkly mischievous eyes and the smile that filled her little face. She had already mastered the cuteness button and was bound to use it masterfully. The game was on as they interacted with one another and Nan watched from the side.
The Seattle sun streamed in through the window and 2 little soporific heads nodded off.  But the reprieve was short lived and the relay of wet nappies and hungry tummies kept me on the hop.

The morning had raced by and it was time to get myself up and dressed. A warm shower was called for but i would have to think of a way of amusing the twins so that i could do just that.

Jack and Kate before the finale.

Jack and Kate before the finale.

So the finale began…..my fingers clicked again to the music. I must add that the said music was a collection of nursery rhymes that I had pulled up on YouTube. The little eyes followed me as I moved backwards and forwards. I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature and placed my towel where I could reach it. The 2 little bodies began to squirm in their seats. This was just not exciting enough and I was going to have to add some other dimension to ‘Jack and Jill climbed up the hill.’ I pulled off my sock and swirled it around and tossed it to the other side of the room. Peals of laughter ensued from the two bouncing seats. Then I pulled off another sock and added some clicking, singing and a few dance moves. The amusement continued and I managed to plunge myself under the water and wash. Every now and again I would stick my head out and throw something else into the air. A stray toothbrush and a comb went winging across the room. Some wobbly singing was added to the mix and a few intricate dance steps topped off the whole ritual. Then little chairs bobbed and looked over in anticipation. Yes, it was done. Nan was dressed and ready for the day.

But first I had to gather up the whole array of articles that I had flung around during my final act.
I think my second childhood has begun.

Can’t start a fire without a spark……..




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(A rendition of this song was performed by the Bolshoi Theatre.)

Her hands flew up in the air. I saw the woven plait intricately styled into the nape of her neck with a sparkling clip. It caught the light from the overhead chandelier as she moved her head. We waited and held our breath……The music surged and the conductor pulsed the rhythm with her narrow baton. She was young but took command of her experienced orchestra and extracted the most heavenly sounds. We were enraptured!

The flags flapped above The King Eddy Hotel, as it is affectionately called. This grand dame … or should I say duke…. has been around since 1903.  We raced up the stairs to get out of the cold. It was a freezing November evening.  I had deliberated over my ‘little black number.’ Was I going to be stylish or warm? What a question? I froze! We pushed through the heavy glass doorway and I looked up. There it was…..the foyer….all gold, marble and fresh flowers. I stopped and looked up into the pressed ceilings and gothic columns. I had to pinch myself as I had begun to float off into another era. But too soon I was ushered up the wide staircase to the function room. This was where 70 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Russia was to be celebrated. It was to be a wonderful evening of Bolshoi theatre. Definitely on the Bucket List and a dream come true!

The magnificent setting for the performance by the Bolshoi Theatre


I must add that the fascination for Russia started when I was young with the tale of Doctor Shivago. I was enthralled. It was the culmination of the music, the snow, the furs, and the romance of course. What an evening of music it was to be! We were entertained by some of Russia’s great stars like Angelina Vovk, Irina Dolzhenko and Mikhail Kazakav to name but a few. Their voices were rich and round and the resonance filled the room. It was breath taking! The music was so sweet at times  that I could almost feel the emotion well up. I allowed myself the moisture that ran down my face. It is not often that we cry out of pure joy! The Bolshoi dancers turned heads too with their poise and grace. The taffeta and lace rustled as they swished their fans. They teased their companions with their allure. We were swept up by the moment…..

The rustle of taffeta…..


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