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The other day I relented and had to face facts! I do not need the extensive summer wardrobe that I brought over from South Africa. So a big clear out took place. Shoes, hats, dresses all flew out of my cupboard and onto a huge pile in my bedroom. There I said my fond farewells to some of my favourite summer ensembles………my white linen dress, my shell t-shirt and some of my Woolies favourites. It was a sad moment as I have always taken great delight in choosing my outfit for each day. I find it artistic as well as therapeutic. It is all about coordinating my accessories and the chosen items of clothing. That spotted navy scarf will just do the right thing with the white crisp shirt! I found all of this especially useful in my ‘teaching days.’ In my mind, a pop of colour and an interesting accessory would at least capture my pupils’ initial attention…for about 5 seconds that is! Then it was up to me to sock it to them with interesting content and a captivating presentation to hold their easily swayed minds. 

A Canadian sunset from our deck..

A Canadian sunset from our deck..

So to get back to the decluttering process….  I just cannot wear my selection of summer attire in the few weeks that Canadians call ‘summer.’  After all we only have 3 short months! The other point is how much ‘coordination of the wardrobe’ is required when I spend most of my day in the garden with my hands deep in the soil? Although I still manage to match my wellingtons with my sun hat and I always add a string of pearls to the mix.  I suppose there are some things that just don’t change…..


A bit of this and that.....

A bit of this and that…..

All this might sound trivial but the real point of the exercise was to make way for the extensive winter wardrobe. During our first winter I was the proud owner of a thick padded navy jacket with a fox fur trim. It served me well and kept out the howling, icy winds. The problem was that I wore this coat continuously for almost 7 months straight. Need I say I am tired of it!  So this year I have made space for a few more additions to the coat repertoire. There should be room for something in  a blaze of tartan and possibly a touch more fur! (I never thought I would say this but it is so warm!)

The sun beats down on my face as I lap up every moment of its warmth. I have to make the most of it while it lasts. There is still time…… 

I can feel the vitamin D soaking in.....

I can feel the vitamin D soaking in…..

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The ribbon held tight over the soft tissue paper and I recognized the writing on the handmade card. There had been so many gifts created and lovingly sewn over the years but this one felt different. It had traveled the high seas all the way over in time for Christmas, our first away from South Africa. The soft fragrance from the embroidered lavender hearts was the first to greet me and I was reminded of these floral splendours that I had planted outside my mom’s bedroom window. The hot summer breezes would often soothe us with their aromatic perfume.

Then I wrapped the colourful hand knitted scarf around me that I would wear as I walked the pavements in my efforts to exercise Josh….it felt soft and warm. With the temperatures plummeting we had recently discovered that a scarf had now become a necessity and not a fashion extra. The aromatic spices and red cherries of the Christmas cake were the next to be savoured with a cup of hot tea. I felt it warm me as I gazed onto the bare trees that bent with the wind at the bottom of the garden.


As I folded up the last of the Christmas wrappings, I felt the warmth and devotion of my mother all those miles away. In her own way she has shown me what it is like to care for and to give time unselfishly to your family. She lovingly creates her homemade presents and this is indicative of the love that she has for all of us. I am constantly reminded of the foundations that were laid down for me as a child, not realizing how many of those skills would need to be drawn upon with this move abroad. I am grateful for the wonderful mother that I have and hope that I will be able to keep up her legacy as I care for the men in my family all these miles away here in Canada. I love you, Mom.



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