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Yes, Joni is Canadian!  A firm favourite of mine when I was growing up in the 70’s and Woodstock was all the rage.


The salmon flicked its tail once more. The silver hue poked above the brown water as it struggled against the current. A bald eagle circled overhead as it surveyed the ‘easy pickings.’ It swooped across and settled in its vantage point, an undressed maple tree. All its finery lay strewn around on the ground….dry and spent. Although a hint of colour still prevailed. The last few reminders of Fall!   The eagle ogled down at its prey while the salmon struggled to get further up stream. It had dropped its precious cargo and the drive to survive began to wane. Some would try to make their way back to Ontario Lake. For others the effort would just be too great. Their prodigy would have to ensure the dwindling numbers of the Atlantic Salmon.

16 Mile Creek…..just down the road from us




The sixteen mile creek meanders on regardless of the traffic that races overhead across the huge cement bridge. No one cheers the salmon as they continue their struggle to complete their run. They have responded to the primitive urge to ‘go forth and multiply.’ Their job is done. It is as if they know it is all part of the cycle of life that must be completed.

We were the lucky ones who were able to stand and stare………

We begin to cover up as the colours of Fall begin to fade….


Salmon Run Bronte Creek


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Sandy…..the gracious old girl.

She sighed and heaved and she made her way up the stairs and into the house. Her back legs were in curved arthritic mode as she contemplated the distance between each rise. The tail wagged as her glossy coat caught the last few rays of the late afternoon sun. She confidently stepped into her temporary home as the familiar aromas greeted her at the door. Only then did she look up into our faces and give us the doggy grin. Sandy was joining us at Maison de Morkel for a sleepover!


Need I say that Josh was delighted and eagerly ran onto the deck to show her the squirrel status. This was important to Josh and he obviously thought that his cousin might need an update. Her old eyes gazed down into the garden but quickly focused her attention on discovering her new environment. There were definitely more important things on her agenda. She spied out the soft couches and rugs and tested the fabric on the cushions. She eventually settled on a Ralph Lauren in natural linen. I might add, that she does prefer a cushion filled with down and not those plebian synthetic ones that frequent so many of our shops. My goodness, this 13 year old lady has taste!


Supper was gobbled down without a moment to stop and savour and washed down with a long cool sip from Josh’s water bowl. It was time for a spot of exercise and we ventured out into the cool evening air.  Josh’s furious pace around the block was a bit too much for Sandy but once she was saddled up in her harness, she coped much better. She sniffed out the local Jocks and left ‘her messages’ on just about every pole and patch of green grass. We were determined to tire her out. As we hoped this would alleviate the pacing up and down and howling at the front door. This old lady came with a bit of ‘history’.


She settled on her exclusive choice on the couch and Josh kept looking over with a curious stare. He could not work out why he had not been allowed this freedom of choice. But as with us humans, you have to ‘walk the walk’ to qualify. When you have done your time and served others well, you are allowed certain privileges. So Sandy has the run of the house and does much as she pleases. Although she does not curl up with Josh, she is experiencing some Summer Loving amongst her Morkel family.


Josh ponders inequality……….


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