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‘First when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream.’

The morning light has just broken over the lake. She glances across at the mirrored surface. It is a perfect day! Then she remembers and her heart sinks. There is much to do before she can grab her life jacket and head out the door. Frantic steps charge up and down the staircase.  The kid’s clothes are put out…..check. The baby sitter has been called……check. Breakfast is sorted……check. A willing husband mobilized…….check.

‘That your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind.’

 As I drove out towards Port Credit with sleepy eyes, I thought about our wonderful bunch of ladies……all thrown together in the pursuit of Dragon Boating. We rush down to the Sixteen Mile Creek each week and our patient coach gets us going. Starts and synchronization have been a challenge as we only managed four practices together over the last month. Was this enough to get us through the race? It was surely going to be a case of being ‘thrown out to the wolves.’ My stomach lurched as we made our way across the bridge.

I was in unfamiliar territory and the sight of the well versed crew next to us doing their early morning warm up unnerved me. They had obviously done this before! Stay focused I kept repeating to myself! Just enjoy the race……the words of our coach echoed in my head.

We were off.....

We were off…..

‘Close my eyes, feel the rhythm’

Life jackets on and oars selected we made our way down to our boat. Our drummer hopped in the front and smiled up at us. It was the most magnificent day and the outline of the lighthouse could just be made out through the arch of the bridge. The bright colours of our life jackets mirrored back at us from the clear water. The excitement and nervousness welled up in me. This is it.

“Paddles up! Take it away!”

The rhythm kicked in as we made our way down to the start. There was much maneuvering to keep us lined up at the buoy. We waited and tried not to notice our opponents. Just keep focusing…… Then came the familiar voice of our coach.

Sit up!

Ready, ready…..and we were off. One, two, three……the counting of the first short strokes drummed in our heads. We had to keep together and to feel the rhythm. Then the next ten strokes and we watched each other to keep in time. It was all about being in that moment. We pulled and watched and pulled.  The next ten strokes passed by in a flash. We were now on the home stretch.

‘What a feeling. Being is believing.’

Shouts went out……. we had made it! Our race was over. It had been significant as it had been a first for many of us. We had not been the first to pip the post but so much more had been gained by us all. We had learnt new skills, pushed ourselves and shared our common interest.We had felt like a team.  

The dragon boaters.....Thursday group

The dragon boaters…..Thursday group

 As I walked through the front door that afternoon my bronze medal caught the light of the fading sun.


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Go Canada!

Go Canada!

The trolley trundled down the long passage to the operating theatre. It swished over the smooth polished floor like a ski lift gliding up a hill. An idea too painful to entertain at this stage! The team were all scrubbed up and eagerly awaiting their next case. I use the word ‘team’ and ‘eagerly’ as this hospital was a teaching facility, so there were a few ‘newly qualified’ who assisted the resident specialist. A large marker pen was suddenly pulled out of nowhere. I thought this to be a strange addition to the operating paraphernalia. My right side was duly marked with a big arrow pointing to the ‘right.’ Well that should avoid any confusion! I checked this as all I needed was for them to mess up my good old leftie as well. Then they gave me a quick injection into my stomach…..something about taking precautions. I could just imagine the quick run down that was given.  Middle aged…..skiing accident….badly broken arm…..otherwise a healthy specimen.

It had been 3 weeks since my fall and I felt like I was no closer to being ‘whole’ again. One has to wait to see a specialist here in Canada which is understandable so one has to draw on one’s patience. The little fragments of broken bone had been giving me jip and I was so glad that this procedure would scrape the little offenders out. All was left to do was strut my arm with a metal plate and sew me back up. A piece of cake, really! I felt like a young tree getting ready for spring!

The menagerie of faces surrounded me as I resurfaced. All had gone well. Good….now can I go home? But I still had a way to go. The ‘said arm’ was not ready yet as it still lay frozen and limp across my chest. I was told that it had to wake up properly and was warned that the process was quite painful. The doctor decided to keep me in overnight and prescribed strong intravenous pain medication.  I took what they gave me and proceeded to vomit for the next 24 hours. The night nurse was an unfriendly soul and did not take kindly to me needing her attention and the bucket that she brought me every couple of hours. Anyway once the day staff came on there was a different approach. I could not wait to get home and have just weathered the discomfort and pain without the aid of the foul chemicals.

I slept for 2 days solid and am now feeling chipper again. The television is on, laundry is being done, the stove is on the go and Josh has had a walk. I think my men folk enjoyed the peace and quiet when I was man down! They ate fast food for 3 days solid! Anyway I am certainly glad to be home.

One of the disadvantages of a recently acquired ‘fat arm’ is that none of my clothes fit me. Philip’s cupboard has been raided and my one and only ensemble consists of a Canadian hockey shirt. I have added to the mix a pair of Canadian socks and the matching mittens when I go out in the cold.

Go Canada!


I like this version too with Sarah Mclachlan and Santana……

Patience is my lesson here!

Patience is my lesson here!

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