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Josh gets into Christmas mode.


Canadians know how to celebrate and have a wonderful sense of occasion! If it is not Thanksgiving, or Halloween then it is Christmas and my, do we have a lead up to all these occasions! We have attended the magical lighting of the village Christmas tree and watched the excitement on children’s faces with the Christmas parade with all its pomp and brass bands. The preparations go on for months on end but we are slowly realizing why this is so.


The Yuletide fever has hit our circle and our neighbours have braved the howling wind and icy weather to string twinkling lights from roof tops and trees. This is quite some feat as these snow-built roofs are steep and require much balance to attach lights and to hold on for dear life. It has even created a job opportunity for some brave and enterprising entrepreneurs who do this for a living. Some people just love adventure!


 We have a wonderful vista of twinkling cedar trees, adorned pots with crimson red velvet bows and even have the proverbial garden gnome except here it is a sparkling reindeer. I have never been partial to the gnome adornment but the reindeer I could definitely go for in a big way. My family was mortified when I announced over supper that I was going to place a whole family of reindeer on the front lawn. They prefer the understated look but I feel that if you are going doing this, it must be done BIG.


But it does not stop here; once you open the front door then the real spectacle begins. Each nook and cranny is lovingly decorated with bows and tinsel. There are fresh pine wreathes over the doorways, staircases dripping with long garlands and accent walls with scenes that have been imaginatively thought out. But the best is yet to come….. the fireplace. This is always the centre of every home and it requires lots of deliberation from the lady of the house. There has to be some presents strategically placed around just to add to the expectation, so Christmas stockings are a must along with the beautiful pine garlands.


But the real reason we celebrate Christmas is brought home to us when we stand in awe and marvel at the Christmas tree. The fragile lights, twinkling tinsel and hand picked adornments make us stop and stare. So on our first cold Christmas and along with the reindeer on the front lawn, we will celebrate our family, our friends and our new life here in Canada. But know there will also be biltong, droë wors and Roodeberg close at hand and thoughts of our loved ones celebrating in South Africa.


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